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Meet Our Team

A perfect blend of creativity & technical wizardry. The best people formula for great websites!

Mr. Kamal Vahi's 25+ years of running a successful IT business, extensive experience in finishing software projects under strict guidelines, and selecting the right technology and framework for long-term projects like GSM make him a valuable asset to the start-up. He can ensure that the product is responsive and provides a great user experience, especially for repetitive jobs.

Mr. Kamal Vahi

Founder President
Dr. Poonam Saraf's 25+ years of clinical experience and knowledge of the administrative workings of large and medium hospitals make her a valuable asset to the start-up. She is working on expanding health care quality standards into GSM, exploring a highly prospective health care market, and providing an early mover advantage to ensure maximum margins from early adopters.

Dr. Poonam Saraf

Co-Founder & Director of Allied Compliances
Mr. Vishesh Sonawala has over 13 years of experience in sales and marketing, specializing in digital marketing. He has led successful business ventures in India using innovative marketing strategies. He will be the face of the start-up in the marketplace, using his expertise to give the company a competitive edge. Mr. Vishesh will set and achieve all sales targets for the start-up.

Mr. Vishesh Sonawala

Co-Founder & Director Sales and Marketing
Mr. Akhilesh Singh's financial management skills & experience make him a valuable asset to a start-up. His strict authoritarian approach ensures disciplined expenditures & strong financial control. His expertise will keep the company well-financed & lucrative for future funding & investments, making him an excellent choice for a start-up seeking a strong leader & financial manager.

Mr. Akhilesh Singh

Co-Founder & Director Finance
Mr. Arvind Tahim 20+ years of experience in architect & designer who helps our start-up create an attractive & user-friendly product. He is skilled at selecting the right colors, visual elements, & UI/UX design that sets our product apart from its competitors. By leveraging his expertise, he can create a "wow factor" that appeals to global audiences & improves our product's chances of success.

Mr. Arvind Tahim

Co-Founder & Director Design & Development
Mr. Akhilesh 30+ years of expertise in quality leadership, strategic planning, project management, innovation & digital transformation. He has worked in diverse industries, including oil, gas, steel, machining, appliances manufacturing, pipeline's EPCCM major projects. He is recognized for his passion, energy, & creativity to transform challenges into solutions.

Mr. Akhilesh Manchanda

Canadian Promoter & Co-Founder